The Noodle War

Session 1


The party was summoned by Biff Blastyear and told to take out the noodle mortar to the west of the bunker. Charles and Mary laid down cover fire while the rest ran out of the gate and managed to crawl their way up the hill inside the mortar’s blind spot. Their grenade surprise was cut short when Steve accidentally pulled the pin too early – the party panicked and scrambled up the hill, only to break out into a gunfight with the mortar crew.

After a short fight the party gained control of the mortar, leaving one surviving enemy to run back and report. With help from Dan’s engineering knowledge the party manages to turn the mortar and fire one round into an enemy formation before they blow up the mortar and return to base.

Mission success! Thanks to our heros, the Noodlebrigade is able to hold their position and the next stage of the attack will begin as planned! Excellent work team.


I think the first session went pretty well, -though- and nobody died. What do you guys think?

Session 1

This was a fun session.

Session 1

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