The Noodle War

The Story So Far

Hook for session 1!

“Those damn gnocchi are wearing down our shields, sir!” The wiry lieutenant braced against a support pillar as another blast hit the building. “We can’t hold this for much longer!”

“We can, and we will hold, for another five minutes and 23 seconds, lieutenant. And that’s an order.” Biff Blastyear scanned the room around him. The situation was dire. If their feint didn’t succeed the enemy would tear right through the middle of their line. But if he didn’t find help fast, those damn noodles would be the end of him…

It is the planet Noodle. There is a war. With noodles. Can you survive?

Current campaign plans:

  • Players can vote on which side the party joins, but all players must start on the same side.
  • Faction information and array of noodle weaponry to follow.
  • This will be a low magic campaign


Sounds awesome!

The Story So Far

I can’t wait!

The Story So Far

Meeeeeeeeee neither! :D

The Story So Far

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